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Alan Cheong

How To Make (at least) RM10K a month
from home with no capital, no risk and cannot fail

Don't waste your time on affiliate marketing
to earn a couple of thousand a month when
you can use the same time and generate your millions online.

Hi ! My name is Alan, and I make a comfortable living by making money on the internet from home. Making REAL MONEY on the internet is SIMPLE and EASY when you follow proven and tested methods. Using closely guarded SECRETS from internet gurus like Corey Rudl, Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards and many more, I no longer need a salaried job.

I have created several money making robots that make good money even when I sleep, mainly in US Dollars. I now spend a lot of quality time with my family and children. Without the STRESS level I used to have at my previous job, I actually believe I am going to live longer as well.


Two of the emails I got and I didn't ask for it :-

"As far as I'm concerned, You are the 'guru', the number one, you have knowledge that none of the participants may have."
- Sunny Tung, Kuala Lumpur

"I have been researching on the Net and I must say that your web site is one of the best that I have come across! I have kept coming back to your site for new information every now and then and I actually look forward to your weekly newsletter and web site update! Unlike other web site, it has a ring of "Malaysian flavour" where common Malaysian can associate with it."
-LJ Wong, Butterworth


I would like to train a select group of people to make money together with me on the internet. I will personally train you and hold your hand, step-by-step, and actually show you the exact SECRETS taught to me. I will be with you ALL THE WAY....when we set up your money making robot together, on the first day when you start to make money, when you receive your first cheque and when we continue to make lots of money together.




I can understand why you are skeptical. If I have such a good thing going on, why share the secret with you? You see, I have finally found the ULTIMATE SECRET to take me to the next level. The ultimate secret to make millions. In order to harness the power of the ultimate secret, the condition is I MUST SHARE this with other people. Otherwise, it won't work. But the beauty of it is that we will not compete against each other and we will make tons of money TOGETHER. We will not be competitors but we will be allies. If you are thinking that I'm talking about multi-level marketing, you are way off mark. I don't do MLM.

This is truly a Win-Win FORMULA that will benefit you and me and everyone else. With this FORMULA, we will cause an EARTHQUAKE on the internet. The internet is currently the biggest market in the world. Not only is it the biggest market, it is also the fastest growing market. Here is where your dreams can LITERALLY come true. Some of mine has already come true and my dreams now gets bigger by the day.


As I don't even know you, I can't promise you anything. The only way I know to share this with you is to talk to you, face to face. During our conversation, I will share with you HOW we are going to make those millions TOGETHER. If you feel that you want to be part of the ACTION, and I feel comfortable enough with you, we'll make further arrangements.

That includes me training you PERSONALLY to prepare you for what's coming. This training is important. Otherwise, you will reject all the money making opportunities, even when it is smiling in front of you !!! Then I will PERSONALLY, together with other like-minded people, work together with you, to literally COMPLETE what you have set out to do. I will not leave you or abandon you because I need YOU to make the millions with me, together.

Please don't misunderstand me. I do not run a seminar business and this is not another Internet Bootcamp (there are too many fly-by-night foreigners who does that. We are a local entity who has been helping fellow Malaysians & Singaporeans in the last 11 years) When I have finally found the select group of people I wanted, I will stop this. This is MUCH MUCH MORE TIRING than making money on the internet, especially when it's all automated on the net. If you like to see what I have to offer, or if you feel that you would like to join the group of specially trained people, then come to the talk that I have specially arranged for you.


  • Stats on online market size, growth and spending power
  • Profit margin, overheads, automation, product source, capital, risk level
  • Internet marketing problems and solutions
  • Strategy : Small Income Vs Multi-million dollar income
  • Case studies of our successful websites
  • Training program on how to build online businesses

My only request is that you come only if you're interested in having a better lifestyle. Please do not come here to recruit members for your MLM, insurance, mutual fund, commodity trading or what have you. This is NOT the place. If you want more money and time, if you want a less stressful life, if you want to work from home, if you want to be financially secured, if you want to be your own boss or you just want to be in control of your own life, then YOU NEED to come.

Date & Time
23rd April 2015. Thurs
7pm to 10.30pm
Asia Human Talent Development Centre
807, Level 8, PJ Tower
of Amcorp Mall
18, Persiaran Barat. Petaling Jaya
(Opposite A&W drive in)
25th April 2015. Sat
2.30pm to 6.30 pm

2nd Floor, Federal Hotel KL
Jalan Bukit Bintang (opposite Low Yat Plaza)

We only conduct this 2 times a year, we are not
a training company and don't do this every month.

The talk is FREE. I'm not going to charge you a crazy amount for talking to me. But space is rather limited because Hotel room rentals are very expensive and the talk is free. Due to the space constraint, please reserve your seat, once all the seats are filled, we will have to close the door. I'm sorry seats are limited, so you need to act fast.


Please SMS your full name, KL or PJ and number of person attending.

(Your seat is confirmed once you receive a confirmation SMS from me)
I have also set aside 2 free gifts for you (worth US$80)

The talk will take approximately 3.5 hours, so do plan your schedule for the day.
Send that SMS NOW! It's going to be one of the best decisions you've ever made.

Note: I only take time out, 2 times a year, to train a small group of people, how to make an indecent amount of money on the net. Yes, the window of opportunity is limited as i only conduct this twice a year. So, you need to quickly attend it whilst the opportunity is there.


Alan Cheong

SMS to 012-320 9972,
or email me at

Special Note : If you have NOT made money since you attended any Internet bootcamp, or you have been trying for years to make money on the internet with little or no result, then you REALLY should come. You'll most probably find out WHY you didn't make money.

(This talk has nothing to do with options trading, forex, share trading or mlm)

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